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FINALLY... A Cutting-Edge All-In-One
Software Tool That Easily Finds...
...Countless Profitable Niches
...Uncovers a Treasure Trove of Untapped
Keywords (no other software can find)...

AND Unearths Tens of Thousands of
Profitable Affiliate Products YOU Can Start
Selling Straight Away....

But 'Desperate Niche Dominator' Is So Much More Than a Keyword Software Tool...

Here's a Snapshot of Some of The Powerful Functions and Features You'll Be Getting Access To That You WON'T Find In Any Other Keyword Software.
'Desperate Niche Dominator' Has A Massive
Database Of 3.2 Million 'How To....."
Keyword Phrases.....
A Keyword Database So Extensive, You Could Go A
Lifetime And Never Run Out Of Totally Unique
Keywords To Use.
Search The 5 Most Powerful Search Engines On The Internet - Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon.

Find Millions More 'Hidden' Keywords You Never Knew Existed.
In this example, we're searching GOOGLE for the keyword 'FAT'  with the Qualifier..'GET RID OF'
In this example, we're searching 'AMAZON' for the
keyword... 'XBOX'  with the Qualifier....'BRAINSTORM'

(the search was stopped after 500 results were returned. We could have
had thousands more results)
Are You Into Using Keyword Specific Domains?

If You Are, Then With One Mouse Click, You Can Search For Domain Name Availability For ANY Keyword Listed.
Looking For Products You Can Sell? Then Look No Further....We've Got That Covered Too.

Find The Most Profitable CPA Offers And Other Product Offerings In A Massive Database Resource Of Over 500 Of The Largest Affiliate Product Networks On The Internet (now you'll never have to worry about finding a product to market)
Link directly to ANY affiliate offer in
the network by clicking on the offer.
Link directly to the product on
AMAZON by clicking the keyword

So, Where Can You Find
Truely Unique Keywords That
Aren't Being Used By All Your
What I'm about to reveal to you are the 2 BIG REASONS
why the keyword tools you're using right now are the
biggest readblocks to the future success of your internet

Then I'm going to give you THE SOLUTION that will
forever change the way you look at the keywords you
use....and how you source them.

So stay with me...
Bonus # 1
I’ll give you a list the words and phrases that
people use when they are searching for the
answers to their problems online. I call these
secret words and phrases desperate buyer….
For example, one of the most recognized
'desperate buyer qualifiers' is the phrase…’How
So, for you to tap into the desperate buyers in
your niche, you have to ‘first get into the mind of
the desperate buyer…you have to know what
the best 'qualifier’ words are that the typical
desperate buyer will likely use in your niche.
Desperate Buyer Qualifier Words List:
(Value - $97)
These desperate buyer ‘qualifiers’ are the Marketing Holy Grail that will help you to lure
desperate buyers in your niche almost immediately.
In the last six months, I have spent countless hours putting together THE DEFINITIVE list
of killer desperate buyer ‘qualifiers’
Now, I could easily sell this valuable list for $ 97 plus on it’s own, but the complete
list is yours free when you get your ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ software today.
This is a complete niche marketing and affiliate marketing course all rolled into one.
The Ultimate Niche Domination Formula® is an 80 page PDF gold-mine full of foolproof techniques to help you completely dominate a niche market, and literally extract enormous amounts of cash from niches, focusing on desperate buyers.

Buyers that are willing to throw money at you.

You'll discover absolutely everything: from selecting the right hot, profitable money-making niches, and totally dominating them at will.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this course....

Ultimate Niche Domination Formula® Course
(Value:- $47)
What is a profitable niche - Believe it or not, most marketers get this completely wrong
and fail because they don’t know what a niche really is. They see something as a niche when
actually it is not. In this chapter I explain absolutely everything.

How to easily and almost effortlessly  - uncover extremely profitable niches that are full
of rabid buyers that are willing to literally purchase almost ANY product that you offer to them.

How to monetize your niche and extract insane amount of cash out if it -
This is simple, it doesn’t matter if you’ve found a desperate niche, if you don’t know how to
monetize it then you’re not anywhere. I show you step-by-step some of my killer strategies to
monetize desperate niches the easy way!

The TWO types of buyers you need to look after in a niche - This is really
simple. If you don’t have at least one of these types of buyers you’re wasting your time and your

What the heavyweight marketers and millionaire gurus do when they find
an extremely lucrative niche - I provide the “profit niche test” that will immediately tell you
if you’re in front of a niche that pays well. (This is something really important if you’re planning to
make a lot of money.) This “profit niche test” is priceless.

Three powerful, outside-the-box techniques that will allow you to cash in
BIG in your selected niche - You’ll discover THREE effective ways to make money from
your niche. If you want, you can use any one of them or even all of them together to literally
SKYROCKET your earnings.

How to exploit the “Psychology of desperation”  - to your advantage and provide
to your desperate market the perfect solution that will allow them to sleep at night (and throw you
money as well!)

How to drive laser-targeted traffic to your niche offers and multiply your
earnings quickly and easily - I show you how to drive DESPERATE BUYER traffic so you
can sit back, relax and count all the money you’ve made.

Product Creation Vs. Affiliate Marketing - I will show you which one of these fantastic
ways of making tons of cash is the ideal for you!

More ways of driving targeted traffic that’s willing to buy over and over
again - Once you have this type of traffic, then there’s nothing to worry about. You WILL make
money over and over again!

Plus a whole lot more.....
Bonus # 5
A Second ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ software license :
(Value: easily - $97)

That' s right.....for a very limited time, when you order your ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ license now, I'll also allow you to set up a SECOND license for FREE.
That second licence will allow you to install the ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ software onto any additional PC. (you could install one copy on your laptop, and the second copy your desktop). Or you could give the second license to your VA or outsourcer employee to use the software. It's up to you.
- Warning -
I am putting a strict limit on this bonus, because I don't want the power of this software being diluted, so I'll be pulling this bonus down soon without any warning.

So, if want secure a second license for FREE, then you need to order before you leave this page, because if you come back here later, and this bonus is gone, I don't want you complaining to me, because you were warned...Fair enough!

Bonus # 2
To give you a real head start, I’ve put
together a list of 738 niches ideas
where you can find ‘desperate buyers’.
This extensive list of niches ideas
is a shortcut start that will save
you hours of work, which means
you can get started straight away
putting together your niche sites,
writing content, getting traffic and
making sales!
738 Niche Ideas
(Value: $97)
Bonus # 3
Secondary Desperate Buyer ‘Qualifier’ Words List:
(Value: - $97)
I’ve also put together a list of ‘secondary desperate buyer 'qualifiers’. These are words and phrases that also strongly indicate desperate buyer intentions such as “cure - find out - prevent - remove - recover from etc.”
I've discovered 101 powerful ‘secondary qualifiers’ that you can use to further boost your marketing efforts.
Bonus # 4
Lifetime Upgrades to the ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ software:
(Value: - $197)
With most software applications you buy these days, every time there’s a new update, or a new version is released you have to pay!
With the ‘Desperate Niche Dominator’ software, whenever there’s an upgrade, you get it FREE OF CHARGE!
And not just for the first 6 months or 12 months either…….You’ll get
Now I want to be perfectly clear about this bonus...

I know in the past you may have been taken in by the promises of some marketers who are offering ‘free
lifetime upgrades’ to software or plugins they sell you, but in the end, you're left being disappointed and
annoyed when they vanish, and you're left holding useless software that you paid for with your hard earned

Well, let me tell you.... that will NEVER happen with me.

I value my reputation, and I’ve worked long and hard to build it, and I won’t be going anywhere.

So if I say you’ll get ‘free lifetime upgrades’, then that’s EXACTLY what you’ll  always get from me.

I use this software everyday in my business. This means that no matter what software I develop you can
guarantee that I will improve upon it over time.

And every time that I improve the software.... I will be updating yours as well.

My goal is to build a lifetime business, and damaging my name by not following through on my promises
would stop my business cold. 

My success depends on your success, and believe me I want you to be successful!
Watch This Video And SeeThe 
“Desperate Niche Dominator” Software In Action For Yourself

Take a look at the video below, and see just how easy 'Desperate Niche Dominator' makes it to find affiliate products you can sell....
Analyze ALL Your Keywords in 'Google's
Keyword Planner'

With Just 3 Mouse Clicks You Can Quickly And
Easily Import ALL Your Keywords 'Desperate Niche
Dominator' Finds Straight Into 'Google Keyword
Planner' For Analysis.
Look I’m going to be brutally honest here...

Why would you really want to continue to use the same keywords
tools every other marketer on the planet is using?

There’s an opportunity here right now, to give yourself the edge
over all you competitor

I am handing you with the goose that laid the golden egg!

And with all those incredible bonuses ,  I know you can see that at 
$49 for lifetime license it’s more than an incredible
bargain, and so I know you won't pass up on it!

So lock in your license now by clicking on the 'I Want To Lock In
My License NOW' and for just $49 you will gain access to the
full software, the system, and all the bonuses that you will be able
to use for the rest of your life!

No other software even comes close to what 'Desperate
Niche Dominator' can do for you and your business.
You’ve got a chance to get THE ONLY secret keyword
weapon that will turn your fortunes around.... Desperate
Niche Dominator’
So What Are YOU Going To Do About It ?

It's time for you to step up, make some dramatic changes NOW.

You just need to decide.

But you’d better not waste any time thinking about it

Right now you have biggest opportunity staring you right in the face
to completely change your profit margins, your conversion
ratios and the amount of cold, hard cash that flows into your
bank account each month - without ever having to increase your
work load or change your business model.

This maybe the last chance - to get in on the ground-floor, and
finally get ahead of the pack.

The sky's the limit right now.

BUT … it's NOT going to stay that way for very long!

If fact….everything will get so much easier for you.

you’re going to start focusing your marketing
towards where the real money is made - to the
buyers in your niche, instead of information
seeker….tire kickers and freebie seekers!

you’ll put yourself so far ahead of your
competition, they won’t know what hit them
when you start ranking for keywords they never
knew existed.

you’re going to have the highly classified full
arsenal of ALL the keyword research information
the 'Desperate Niche Dominator' software finds
for you.

Information you simply can’t get anywhere else using
any other keyword software tool!
... Because
... Because
... Because
These factors alone make this powerful NEW software and marketing
method worth hundreds of dollars to you, because it’s the
foundation that will help you build a highly profitable long-term
online business!!

But the good news is - you AREN'T going to have to pay hundreds for
software that will continue to pay off for a lifetime.

Look, I know only too well that we are in the midst of tough
economic times, and I remember how difficult it can be for “newbies”
(or anyone) to get their struggling businesses to make consistent

The original price I decided on for the 'Desperate Niche
Dominator' software was $97.

And at that price, it would be the bargain of the decade.

But, after a lot of soul-searching, I had a change of heart!

I felt that even at $97, it might still be out of reach for those
marketers who are really in a dire financial situation, and need this
software the most.

This is why I decided to price this at a price point where anyone that
is serious about making money online can afford it, and a price point
where you will not go to bed tonight with buyers remorse.
So what I’ve decided to do is  discount the price of a 'Desperate
Niche Dominator' life-time license by 50%, which means now
you can get it for just....

To get started, just click on the 'I Want To Lock In My License
NOW' button, and for just $49 you'll able to secure a life-time
license to my 'Desperate Niche Dominator' software and system.

But the best part is, the $49 is a one-time payment only.

I'm NOT going to charge you monthly to use this software and
system like some other software creators do.

The $49 ensures that you have a lifetime license to 'Desperate
Niche Dominator.
(NOTE: The Desperate Niche Domaintor software is a Windows PC application. Mac's require emulation software )
I Want To Lock In My License NOW
Look, I know you might be skeptical. And I don't blame you. I get an
email every single day from someone offering me some sort of
miracle software.

I have also spent a ton of money on software that hasn't worked in
the past, so I know you might be hesitant, and I don't hold that
against you for one minute.

So, to show you how serious I am... I am willing to give you a full
30 days to try 'Desperate Niche Dominator'.
And that's NOT some sort of alarmest talk...


Because what YOU decide to do next will have a direct impact on
whether your internet business survives and prospers.....or dies a
slow death!

Like it or not....the fact is the keywords you choose right from the
start will make or break your business.

So if you can't see how business-destroying it is to be competing
with the masses, using the same keyword tools that give you the
same keywords all your competitors are using, then I don't
know what more I can do or say that will make you see the light.

Look, it's your internet business and YOUR financial future that's at
stake here....

Not mine....


So please think very hard before you pass on this once in a lifetime

And Remember your $49 one-time payment includes:

Lifetime Access to “Desperate Niche Dominator”

Free Lifetime Updates

6 Incredible Free Bonuses- Valued at $635!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I Want To Lock In My License NOW
(NOTE: The Desperate Niche Domaintor software is a Windows PC application. Mac's require emulation software )
So you really can't afford to pass this up.

But even after all that, you’re still sitting on the fence
wondering if this is right for you, then think about this….

The insanely cheap $49 offer for theDesperate Niche
Dominator” software system license, and all the bonuses, won’t be
around for too long, because I’ve decided to limit the number of
system licenses I’ll be making available.

For now, I honestly don’t know how many $49 systems I’ll be
making available.

I’ll wait and see what happens.

But I WILL guarantee you of this….

….as soon as I get the feeling I’m letting this system go too cheaply,
then I’ll be at least doubling the price back up to $97 without

That’s why I am serious when I say...... you need to jump on this
right now and beat your competitors to the punch, otherwise, not
only will you lose out, but you’ll end up having to pay double the
price to get a license in the future (and you'll also miss out on the
$635 in bonuses on offer now)

So secure you exclusive 'Desperate Niche Dominator' License
now, by clicking the 'I Want To Lock In My License NOW'
button below.
I Want To Lock In My License NOW
(NOTE: The Desperate Niche Domaintor software is a Windows PC application. Mac's require emulation software )

I promise you that your niche marketing will never be the same.

To Your Niche Dominating,

Glen Hooke

P.S. So now you’re back’s against the wall…

What are you going to do?

….You either take the risk and keep battling with the tens of
thousands of your competitors trying to make money using the
same tired, overused keywords put out by all those other
keyword tools….

Or you start marketing smarter, and use a one-of-a-kind software
that can uncover a massive hidden stash of literally
MILLIONS of untapped ‘long-tail desperate buyer’
keywords that no other software can find, and that
everyone is missing out on.

And remember, this giveaway price of $49 for a complete
'Desperate Niche Dominator' software license and the $635 in
FREE Bonuses, could easily be gone tomorrow without notice.

Then you’ll really be upset with me if you have to pay twice the

So lock in your license now by clicking the 'I Want To Lock In My
License NOW' button below.

P.P.S. Let me ask you...

....If the only thing 'Desperate Niche Dominator' did was
find you millions of untapped long-tail buyer keywords that no
other keyword software could find for you...that would be worth at
least $100 dollars, right?

.....If the only thing 'Desperate Niche Dominator' did was
to stop you wasting hours trying to rank for run of the mill
keywords that ALL your competitors will be using, that would be
worth $100, yes? 

.....If the only thing 'Desperate Niche Dominator' did was
give you access to 500 of the largest affiliate networks on the
internet, where you can easily find thousands of affiliate
products to sell, all with just a few mouse clicks, that would
be worth at least $100, right?

Well, the good news is 'Desperate Niche Dominator'does every
one of those things for you, plus a whole lot more.

But you won't be paying $100....

All you're investing is a ridiculous.... $49.

'Desperate Niche Dominator' is as close as you'll ever get to the
'holy-grail' of niche marketing success.

It truly makes all your niche marketing efforts as fail-proof as you
can ever get!

Get started now..I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Take a look at the video below, and see how easy 'Desperate Niche Dominator' makes it easy to hone in on niches markets.....
With the 'Desperate Niche Dominator' software's unique search
algorithm all you have to do is enter in your 'desperate buyer
qualifier' word, click a button, and you'll have hundreds, but
more likely thousands of keywords, with every niche idea
listed that you could imagine.

Let me give you an example.

Let suppose you're in the Health market .

Now we know there are plenty of 'desperate' people in that market.

And if we had to pick a powerful 'desperate buyer' qualifier word it
could be words like ...'CURE', 'TREAT' or 'GET RID OF'

Anyway, I used 'CURE' and 'TREAT' in this example.
I Want To Lock In My License NOW
(NOTE: The Desperate Niche Domaintor software is a Windows PC application. Mac's require emulation software )
Right Now...You're About To Make Possibly The  Biggest Business-Saving Decision Of Your Life....
The 'Desperate Niche Dominator' was developed to
pinpoint the desperation in each search query made on the
internet, and then map the difference between information
seekers and true “desperate buyers

Once the right buyers are identified, the 'Desperate Niche
Dominator' specially locates all the UNIQUE
keywords these “desperate buyers” in your niche
are using to find the solutions they're looking for.

That means you'll 'wipe-the-floor' with your competition, and
start making more money than you ever have before...
In this example we worked in reverse. We
put in the 'qualifier' 'TREAT' into the
keyword field, and we got back every
possible keyword phrase combination that
had 'TREAT'  as part of the phrase.
As you can see we got back 52,097
keyword phrases from a Database Search
No Other Keyword Software Can Do
 -  - Keyword Specific Domains -  -
 -  - Custom Search - -
The Ultimate Secret Keyword Weapon For Finding 'Buyer Keywords' That No Other Keyword Software Can.
“Desperate Niche Dominator”
The One-Of-A-Kind Keyword Software That
Laser Targets Long-Tail 'Desperate Buyers'
Keywords in Any Niche...
 -  - Database Search -  -
 -  - Affiliate Product Search -  -
No matter what keyword tool you use, every person
using that same tool will get the identical list of
keywords for the same keyword search.
But Your Problems Get Even Worse...
Right now, you have tens of thousands of people out
there who are in YOUR market or niche competing
against YOU, because they'll also be using
exactly the same keywords as you’re
Reason # 2
Reason # 1
 -  - Analyze Keywords With Keyword Planner -  -
But I'm Not Done Yet, Because I Have More Good News....

When You Order Today, I'm Going To Throw In These
6 Incredible FREE Bonuses valued at $635 That Will Take Your Niche Marketing to New Levels
You No Longer Have To Keep Fighting Tooth And Nail Trying
To Make Money Using The Same Keywords As ALL Your
Competitors Are Using.
Even If You Don't Have the First Clue About What
Niche Market You Want to Tackle, 'Desperate Niche
Dominator' Will Set You Up With So Many
Possibilites It'll Make Your Head Spin.....